Liz Goulet Dubois

LIZ GOULET DUBOIS loved creating quirky, compelling characters and dropping them into funny, unexpected stories. She also enjoyed teaching at her alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design, where she shared her skills and connected her love of children’s illustration, cartooning, writing, and design with her students. Her published books include two DUCK AND CLUCK series books, THAT EGG IS MINE! and the forthcoming I LIKE THIS COLOR (Sourcebooks); MAKE A SPLASH, VINCENT and YOU MISSED THE PARTY, VINCENT (both forthcoming from Pixel + Ink); WHAT KIND OF RABBIT ARE YOU? (Little Simon); and WHAT DOES A SEED NEED? (PSS/Penguin). She also illustrated two preschool biographies for Scholastic.

Liz passed away in 2022, but Charlotte Wenger will continue to represent Liz’s work on her family’s behalf. Please contact Charlotte for more information at charlotte(at)

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