Liz Goulet Dubois

LIZ GOULET DUBOIS loves creating quirky, compelling characters and dropping them into funny, unexpected stories. She combines traditional materials with digital tools to produce both humorous and heartfelt illustrations to accompany her own stories and those of other authors. Using her extensive background as a top-selling and award-winning toy and product designer, she brings an irresistible quality to her work. She also writes and directs for the theatrical stage and translates those skills into making well-paced stories that compel readers to turn the page. Liz has recently started teaching at her alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design, and enjoys sharing her skills and connecting her love of children’s illustration, cartooning, writing, and design with her students. Her published books include WHAT KIND OF RABBIT ARE YOU? (Little Simon) and WHAT DOES A SEED NEED? (PSS/Penguin), and she has illustrated two preschool biographies for Scholastic. She lives with her family in Hope, Rhode Island. You can find her online at, Twitter and Instagram.

Liz is represented by Charlotte Wenger. Please contact Charlotte for more information at charlotte(at)

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