Annie Herzig

ANNIE HERZIG is an author-illustrator based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. From day one, she was drawing with whatever she could get her hands on, whether it be a paintbrush with tupperware full of water out on the sidewalk, markers, or a mouse on Microsoft Paint. Always encouraged by her writer/teacher mother, she dreamt of making picture books from a young age. So after working as a designer and art director in the corporate foodie world, Annie made the leap into freelance life to pursue this lifelong dream. She delights in creating characters and often finds herself falling in love with them as they emerge from the page. Most days you’ll find Annie drawing for hours in her studio with John Denver records on repeat, pausing for tea and cookies, then getting outside before the sun sets to breathe some fresh air on a mountain trail.

Annie is represented by Charlotte Wenger. Please contact Charlotte for more information at charlotte(at)

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