Carmen O’Donnell

CARMEN O’DONNELL is a Canadian author and illustrator, known for her distinctive mid-century style artwork. She studied graphic art at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and went on to work as a Creative Director in publishing, where she honed her skills in advertising and layout design. After the birth of her 2 daughters Carmen shifted her career focus to Early Childhood Education. Her dual roles as a mother and educator have given her a unique understanding of how children think, allowing her to write and illustrate from their perspective. Carmen’s love for classic children’s literature from the 1950s and 60s is evident in her work, which embodies the timeless style of that era. Her illustrations convey a nostalgic and whimsical tone, which is complemented by her minimalist writing style. In her free time, Carmen can be found at the thrift shop looking for items that spark her creativity. Her unique style and dedication to her craft make her an artist to watch. You can find her on Instagram

Carmen is represented by Rachel Orr. Please contact Rachel for more information at rko(at)

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