Cynthia Gall

Literary agency writers - Cynthia GallCYNTHIA GALL has dreamed of being an artist and writer since she was a small child. Fearful for her future, Cynthia’s practical parents forbade her from taking art classes and enrolled her in French class instead. So when instructed to study something sensible in college, Cynthia majored in French Literature at UC Santa Barbara. She spent a year studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, and also worked in Germany, teaching English and translating advertising copy. Since her return to the States, Cynthia has focused on refining her photographic and sculpting skills at California State University Long Beach, where her work has been featured in several shows. She currently combines the sculpture and photography to illustrate her picture books. She lives in Long Beach, California, with her two small dogs, Hansel and Gretel, and a posse of garden gnomes who prefer to remain anonymous. Visit her online at

Cynthia is represented by Rachel Orr. Please contact Rachel at rko(a) for more information.