Yuko Torii

Yuko HeadshotYuko Torii was born in a small town in Japan—though, as a child, she always dreamed of traveling afar to exotic foreign lands. Her dreams became a reality when she moved to Los Angeles and received a BFA in Fine Arts from the Otis College of Art and Design. She then worked at Louis Vuitton as a top hand-painter of trunks, and a designer for special orders. One of her creations, Malle Mars (Mars Trunk), is listed among the 100 Legendary Trunks of Louis Vuitton. Now, as a newly-minted New Yorker, Yuko enjoys exploring the city’s rich, cultural atmosphere with her husband. She is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Kittyrature”, a storyteller whose trademark characters are feline protagonists, largely inspired by her own cats, Mitternacht and Mondschein. You can find her and her kitties online at MidnightAtelier.com and @midnight_atelier.

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